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Double Panorama of Binghamton
Opening: $65
Hammer Price: $65
Skylight Gallery 29
October 2009

Two boudoir-size cabinet-card mounted albumen prints, forming together a panoramic view of the town of Binghamton, NY and the surrounding countryside. Cards imprinted on reverse "Views of Stamford and Vicinity / Photographed and published by S. S. Cornell at Stamford, /Delaware County, New York" and inscribed in pen "Taken from the present location #2 So. Mt. Terrace, 1892" and "Return to H. H. Smith, 1 Maple Ave., Bingh."   ( Inventory# ic550a )

Nestled amid rolling hills at the confluence of the Susquehanna and Chenango Rivers, the Binghamton of 1892 presented an idyllic prospect well represented by Cornell in these two images.

Under magnification a large white building is visible in the left image of this panorama at the location of the current Broome County Courthouse. The building shown appears to have a a different dome from the current structure, which was constructed 1896-97. (See the last detailed scan below -- large white building visible at center right.) According to online sources, the current Broome County Courthouse, "similar in design but larger and more elegant than its predecessor, which was built in 1856 and burned in 1896, makes use in part of the previous foundation. The significant differences are a wider portico, larger and solid stone columns, and a copper dome." (Retrieved 10/23/09 from

A terrain map showing the location from which these images were taken can currently be seen on Google Maps:
Cick here to view the Google terrain map. (Link valid as of 10/23/09).

Close view from left image, with downtown Binghamton in center distance. Note the Chenango River with bridges visible at left, and the large white building (former courthouse, since replaced) in distance at right. At the time of this image, the Courthouse appears to have been one of the more prominent buildings in Binghamton.

Images and text copyright 2001-2014 by Christopher Wahren Fine Photographs

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