The Home Quartet

Half plate ruby-glass ambrotype of two couples holding vocal sheet music, anonymous American ca. 1858. Housed in full case with cloth-repaired spine, one of the two closure hooks is broken.   Price: $1,100.   ( Inventory# ia942 )

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A nice, clear, crisp ambrotype, red tinting has been applied to he singer's cheeks. The title of the music they hold is not easily readable in the positive, but viewing the image with light passing through from behind I was able to make out the title and some additional information:

"Home Delights / a ... of / BEAUTIFUL SONGS / GLOVER, CHERRY, TULLY, JARVIS &C / ... / Philadelphia Beck & Lawton"

It is possible that this is a professional singing group - however I prefer to think of them as the "Home Quartet".


Last updated July 5, 2017

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