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Four cabinet-card format albumen prints, early 1890s by the Brazilian photographer Jean Georges Renouleau (1845-1909), Sao Paolo, which appear to show Renouleau and members of his family. These cards were found together in France, apparently Renouleau sent them to family members in France from which he had emigrated to Brazil in the 1870s (see Boris Kossoy, "Dicionario Historico-Fotografico Brasiliero..." 2002). One of the cards is addressed on back in French "To our dear Grandma / [from] Elisa and Marie Renouleau", evidently Renouleau's daughters, and another identifies the sitter as "George Paul Renouleau" born 11 June 1894, which online genealogy indicates was Renouleau's son.   Price: $450.   ( Inventory# id262 )


Following are the details of the information on these images relating to attribution:

The FIRST and SECOND cards show an artsy-looking man with mustache in profile, tenderly posing a sweet little girl as part of a family tableau. These cards are imprinted "Renouleau / Sao Paolo" on front and "Renouleau / Rua Direita No. 9 / Sao Paolo" on reverse. These two images are not inscribed, but based on inscriptions on the reverse of the other cards found with them (See below) I believe they show Renouleau posing with his family, as is indeed the impression you get from his posture in these images.

The THIRD card is imprinted front "Renouleau / Rua Direita No. 9 / Sao Paolo" and shows two sweet little girls embracing. One of the girls looks exactly like the sweet girl of First and Second cards although slightly older. On the reverse this card is inscribed in childish writing "a notre chere grand mamam / Elisa et Marie Renouleau" (French for "To our dear Grandma / [from] Elisa and Marie Renouleau"). My genealogy sources for Brazil are very limited here in USA and I didn't find information on these two girls, but I assume they are the photographer's daughters.

The FOURTH card is imprinted "Photographia Renouleau" on front and "Photographia Renouleau / Rua Marechal Deodoro N. 2 / S. Paulo" on reverse. It shows a baby on front, and on reverse an old ink inscription identifies him as "Georges Paul Renouleau ne le 11 Juin 1894 - Son portrait a 8 mois" (ie, "Georges Paul Renouleau, born the 11 June 1894 - his portrait at 8 months). Online genealogy sources indicate this person is Renouleau's son. (A Brazil, Sao Paulo, baptism record at gives Paulo George Renouleau born 11 June 1894 as son of George Renouleau and Rosa Martins Renouleau. Renouleau was indeed married to the daughter of fellow photographer Andre Victor Jules Martins, according to another online source. Brazil baptism and other records, while incomplete, show no other persons with last name Renouleau during this period.)

CONDITION: Fading, dirt and wear, see photos.


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