Giant Sunflower and Pumpkin

Large-format collotype of a floral composition by P. Plauszewski, from the folio "Encyclopédie Florale, Premier Volume", by A. Calavas, Paris, ca. 1900. On sheet 22 x 14 inches (55x36 cm) with printed title, attributions and identifications. Print size 14.25 x 10.75 inches (37x27 cm).   Price: $140.   ( Inventory# fc31.05 )

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The sheet reads "Encyclopédie Florale / Par Plauszewski / Pl. 5 / A. Calavas, Editeur / Phototypie Berthaud" and "Helianthus Giganteus, grand Soleil (en bouton) / Echinops Ritro / Cucurbita Maxima, Courge-potiron / Helianthus Giganteus, grand Soleil (en graine)".


Last updated March 28, 2017

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