Ida Grove Football Match

Vintage platinotype platinum print or platinum-toned image circa 1900 by Graham of Ida Grove, Iowa, live-action photograph from a match of the Ida Grove High School football team. Mounted on board approx. 11 x 14 inches (27x35 cm), mount embossed lower right corner "Graham / Ida Grove, Iowa". Notated in reverse in modern hand "Ida Grove Iowa H. S. Football Team." Print size 7.5 x 9.75 inches (19x25 cm).   Price: $110.   ( Inventory# ic41d )

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A great early American football image. note the looming shadows of spectators (probably including the photographer) cast into field from right, who are thus themselves made part of the image.

Image in excellent condition with some moderate surface wear and small scuffs. Print has a glossy surface, but tonal range and the manner in which prints in this group created "shadow images" on back of adjoining boards indicate a platinum process (platinotype), or at the least a platinum-toned print.


Last updated August 16, 2017

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