Irving Pobboravsky

In The Scenic Daguerreotype (1995) John Wood describes Pobboravsky as "the dean of modern daguerreotypists" in recognition both of his pioneering role and his exceptional talent in turning the abandoned daguerreian process into a medium for contemporary art. Irving's first work with the daguerreotype began in the 1960s and continues today. Through his activities in Rochester NY, likewise home to the George Eastman House and its alternative process seminars, Pobboravsky has been an inspiration to many of the modern daguerreotypists who followed him.

View some of Irving's past work, or peruse his currently available pieces.


(At top:)
"Nautilus Shell" - 5x7 inch daguerreotype, 1994.

"Curve-Necked Bosc Pear" - 5x7 inch daguerreotype, 1996.

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