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Ambrotype Gustave

Opening: $350
Hammer Price: $410
Skylight Gallery 15
May 2002

Larger-than-half plate French ambrotype of child by "M. Gustave", reglassed in the original studio mount and plaster-wood frame. Photographer's label on reverse reads "Portraits Photographiés, sur papier, toile et verre. Coloris naturel / Depuis 2 Francs. L'atelier de Mr. Gustave / Est Rue de Porc-Epic, 6. / près l'hôtel de France." Dimensions of frame 12 x 10.25 inches (30x26 cm).   ( Inventory# hc25 )

A very sweet image with light touches of red, blue and gilt. There are two "flares" from impurities in the emulsion on the chair, seat area and then from top of chair upward, original to production of image. The frame appears to be in original condition, some cracks in the plaster which could be filled.

Clearly, M. Gustave's studio was a quality operation. His label reads "Photographed Portraits, on paper, cloth and glass. Colored naturally. Starting at 2 Francs" and gives a "Porcupine Street" address.

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Skylight Gallery 15

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Misc.: All Items   (Item 187 of 1056)