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Early Portrait

Opening: $250
Hammer Price: $550
Skylight Gallery 22
March 2006

Sixth plate daguerreotype of an assertive man, early 1840s, by an anonymous American maker. Housed with gilt paper mat in an embossed leather case.   ( Inventory# ib01 )

A brilliant early plate with rich color, in superb condition. Highlights are well-rendered and golden in tonality, with light solarization to blue on sitter's shirtfront and collar. The plate was given a light archival cleaning and is resealed with modern glass in the original early-1840s housing. The plate bears an "E. White Maker / Finest Quality A No. 1" hallmark along the top edge (beneath mat). This is an outstanding example of the early American daguerreotype.

The narrow, gilt-paper mat is impressed with a rose-and-leaf design:

The case is very well-preserved and leather hinge is still intact on the inner side, although the second leather layer on exterior has worn through. The silk pad and still richly-colored retaining felt around the image are an uncommon and attractive green.

The exterior leather of case is impressed both front and back with a rose-branch design which harmonizes with the mat design around the image. Both halves of case have a slight warp.

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Misc.: All Items   (Item 137 of 1056)