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Buddies in Miner's Shirts

Opening: $650
Hammer Price: $650
Skylight Gallery 28
April 2009

Sixth plate daguerreotype of two buddies in matching straw hats, vests and red-tinted miner-style shirts. Housed in a half case.   ( Inventory# ic325 )

These two gentlemen wear classic shirts of the type popular in the California gold fields, matching straw hats, and rather odd vests. The shirts have been colored by the daguerreotypist in red (a typical color for the miner's shirt) and the vests have applied color in yellow-brown. Each man also wears a ring with applied gilt coloring. These two men appear to have spent some time outdoors and have "hat head" -- the foreheads of both appear pale in color where a hat would protect them from the sun, with their skin darker in color from the eyes down. The man at right, in particular, looks to have a strongly tanned face.

Condition: Image in excellent condition, uneven light brown tarnish scattered over plate, some spot discoloration in tinted areas.

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Misc.: All Items   (Item 114 of 1056)