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Christopher Wahren Fine Photographs
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Sell Your Photographs with CWFP:

Do you have interesting or unusual photographs you'd like to sell? Perhaps we can help you! We are always looking for fresh material for our clients. You may contact us about your available images using our Online Contact form (at left on this page) or via telephone or email.

Vintage photographs we are looking for include:

  • Unusual daguerreotypes, ambrotypes and tintypes
  • Unusual CDVs or Cabinet Cards

What our clients prefer, and what we are most looking for, is fresh-to-market material of high quality. Experience has taught us that fresh material from estates or long-term collections usually performs better than items out of recent dealer inventory. If you are considering selling this sort of photographic object, we are most interested in hearing from you.

For images of interest, we can purchase directly or accept the photographs on consignment. We also accept consignments to our auction sale, the Skylight Gallery. The consignment fee for items sold in the Skylight Gallery is 15% of the hammer price, with no fees for unsold items.

Here are some examples of past items sold through our Skylight Gallery photographs auction:

The Steamboat Arrives - Quarter plate ruby-glass ambrotype of a steamboat. Sold: USD $2,500 in the Skylight Gallery.

More Prices Realized:
Click here to view prices realized for over 1,000 items sold in past issues of the Skylight Gallery