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Pompey's Pillar, Alexandria


Vintage whole plate albumen print ca. 1870, attributed Frank Mason Good (working for Francis Frith)..  Numbered in the negative 1771. On period album board with title "Pompey's Pillar". Print size 8.25 x 6.25 inches (21x16 cm).   Price: $1,100.   ( Inventory# gd40.1771 )


A rich and beautiful albumen print from wet-collodion negative, this image appears to correspond to that listed as #1771 in Frith's Catalog, Foreign Series (1892). Good, an early assistant and photographer for Frith, produced many of Frith's negatives. Good was noted for his adherence to the relatively difficult wet-plate collodion negative on aesthetic grounds, even as wet collodion was supplanted by less demanding photographic processes. This outstanding image seems to antedate Frith's first expeditions but bears an extremely low negative number in the Frith company catalog, hence the likelihood of Good's authorship.

A superb, mint-condition print reflecting the high technical standards of Frith's firm.


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