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Epithelial Cell and Salivary Corpuscles


Joseph Janvier Woodward, vintage photo-micrograph albumen print ca. 1871. On mount 14 x 11 inches (35x28 cm) with gilt imprint "War Department, Surgeon General's Office, Army Medical Museum... by J. J. Woodward, Asst. Surg., U.S.A...", details of magnification, negative #408 and identification "Epithelial Cell and Salivary Corpuscles." Print size 6 x 6 inches (16x16 cm).   Price: $1,500.   ( Inventory# hb72.408 )


A jarring intersection between the onset of advanced scientific technology and an era we more often associate with muskets and hardtack.

Woodward served in the U.S. Civil War as medical officer and produced several publications on war-related diseases. In addition he was a microscopist of worldwide reputation and an important pioneer in photo-microscopy. A collection of his photo-micrographs are preserved in the Royal Microscopical Society London.


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Misc.: All Items   (Item 72 of 263)