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Little Apron Girl


Beautiful, crisp, sixth plate daguerreotype of a young girl in apron or bib-like garment, anonymous American circa 1850. The sitter purported to have been Maria Adrianna Wright, a cousin of the architect Frank Llyod Wright. Housed in a half case.   Price: $450.   ( Inventory# ia583 )


The person from whom I obtained this image some time ago claimed to have identified the sitter from family papers as a Mary Adrianna Wright, cousin to the famous American architect Frank Lloyd Wright. A modern laser-printed slip of paper in case behind the image contains what the seller believed to be her identification, "Mary Adrianna Wright / 22 Jul 1849 - 29 Oct 1851 / Birth: 22 Jul 1849, Claremont, New Hampshire / Death: 29 Oct 1851, Sandisfield, Massachusetts / Father: Thomas Goddard Wright / Mother: Julia A. S. Green."

Personally, I cannot vouch for this identification. This image is offered only as an exceptionally fine American daguerreotype of pensive young girl circa 1850, with possible but uncertain identification.


Last updated January 17, 2018
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