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French Sailor by Philadelphe


CDV-format albumen print of a French sailor by Philadelphe, Bordeaux, France circa 1860. Imprinted front "Philadelphe, Peintre & Photographe" [Philadelphe, Painter & Photographer]. Reverse of card blank.   Price: $45.   ( Inventory# ic986 )


Prior to 1857 Philadelphe appears to have advertised himself solely as a portrait painter, photography being added to his business only after that date.

This sailor holds a jauntily-smoked cigarette. His cap, thrown on the chair beside him, has a ribbon with anchor designs as well as the name of his vessel inscribed on it, reading in part "...LECETON" or "...LEGETON". His ship was probably the PHLEGETON, a French wooden-hulled screw corvette of 1400 tons and compliment of some 190 crew, launched in 1853 and in service through 1868. The vessel's name derived from that of the river of fire in Hades. The sitter is posed next to a chair with a devil's or satyr's head carved into the woodwork at top.


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