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Spectacular Dancer Ermani


Two cabinet-card format albumen prints circa 1890 showing the "Spectacular Dancer" Ermani. The first an unsigned oversize "boudoir" card measuring 8.5 x 5.25 inches (21x13 cm) and depicting a decorative display of nine cabinet cards each of which shows a different phase of of Ermani's act, including a ghostly spirit-like apparition as well as butterfly-like costumes, surrounded by decorations and inscription "Ermani." The second card in standard cabinet size, showing Ermani in one of her elaborate costumes, with photographer's imprint for "Sword Bro.s / York, P[ennsylvani]a."   Price: $250.   ( Inventory# id789 )


Ermani's act evidently included a number of butterfly-like dances. Perhaps in line with period interest in spiritualism and the supernatural, she also appears in the guise of spectral ghostly apparition at lower left.

One of the cards shown in display appears to have a New York photographer's signature, although I cannot make it out. Others seem to be imprinted with her stage name: "Ermani Spectacular Dancer."

CONDITION: Larger card with surface wear, speckles, indentations; smaller card faded.


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