Armor of Robert von Sanseverino

Vintage salted paper print of armor ca. 1860, by Andreas Groll (Austria). On sheet with hand-inked border, together with loose cover sheet imprinted "XXV. Robert von Sanseverino. Graf von Gajazzo. 1487." Print size 10.5 x 5 inches (27x13 cm).   Price: $850.   ( Inventory# ib959c )

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Taken as part of a catalog of the armor collection of Ambras Castle, Austria, Groll's salt prints are an interesting record of these often bizarrely modernistic medieval objects, styled to convey the idea of an indestructible period fighting machine. This piece shows stylized and streamlined gauntlets along with a helmet that seems to be the inspiration for the gear of arch-villain Darth Vader in Star Wars.


Last updated July 5, 2017

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