Rice Planting

Four CDV-format albumen prints circa 1880 showing different stages of Japanese rice culture, attributed Shinichi Suzuki. Each with period notations in French on reverse of card describing the scene depicted.   Price: $350.   ( Inventory# id699r )

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Two of these images are on gilt-bordered CDV mounts of a style which in the U.S. is typical for the Civil War and 1870s period, although they may have been used later in Japan.

Three of these images are close variants of large-format albumen prints attributed to Shinichi Suzuki in Hugh Cortazzi & Terry Bennett, "Japan Caught in Time" (1995). The scarecrow image is a variant of their figure 87 (p.125), the replanting image of figure 86 (p.125), and the harvesting image of figure 89 (p.127).


Last updated July 5, 2017

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