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Nutting Scraps: Colonial Scene

Opening: $35
Hammer Price: $35
Skylight Gallery 29
October 2009

Brown-toned platinum print ca. 1920s, an unseparated, uncolored group of three duplicate images of a Colonial-era scene by Wallace Nutting. With copyright notice in the negative "© W. N. 1916". Print size 10 x 4.5 inches (25x11 cm).   ( Inventory# ic565.01 )

Nutting's studio normally issued his images as part of a complete hand-colored, signed and framed package. The process of hand-coloring was accomplished by a team of mainly female colorists, some of whom also served as models for Nutting's Colonial interior scenes.

These images come from a group of uncolored and partially-colored Nutting "scraps," partial image sheets, and other discard images probably rejected by Nutting's colorists before the process of coloring, mounting, and framing was complete. While the images show penciled "cancellation" marks and other flaws that probably led to their rejection as finished images, they also offer an interesting perspective on Nutting's images, rarely found without their sometimes obscuring or distracting colored overlay.

Recommended reading: Thomas Andrew Denenberg, Wallace Nutting and the Invention of Old America (2003).

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Misc.: All Items   (Item 907 of 1056)