The Skylight Gallery

Now in its 20th year, the Skylight Gallery is an auction-format cataloged sale offering 19th and 20th century photography in a wide range of media, in line with those 19th Century photographers whose work spanned the means of photographic expression "on plate, on glass, and on paper."

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A free online subscription to the gallery is now available and allows you to peruse and bid in each sale using the copiously-illustrated online version of the Gallery. An online subscription brings you email notification when the catalog is available, a bidder number and password which allows you to bid directly online, and emailed auction results. (Online subscribers are still free to telephone for inquiries or bidding if they prefer.)

To subscribe to the Skylight Gallery (online version), please send a request to

specifying your:
(1) Name, (2) Mailing Address, (3) Telephone and (4) Email Address.

All four pieces of information are required.

Print copies of the Gallery are available postpaid for $15 within the USA (other countries: $20). To obtain a copy, send your mailing address and contact information along with check or money order to:

Christopher Wahren Fine Photographs
PO Box 209047
New Haven CT 06520 - USA

Coming Spring 2018:

The Skylight Gallery #42

...with vintage images of Bermuda ...the Philippines ...Sun and Moon ...Cabinet Cards, CDVs, hard images, and more...